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Well of course I'd like to sit around and chat

I guess I'll write stuff about Coachella now.

Well, the first thing that happened to us when we actually got onto the grounds, before we had even gotten out of the car, we were offered drugs. My Uncle declined, though. Once we were inside the festival itself, we bought a bunch of water and walked around taking pictures of things. The first band that I saw was Kinky, this awesome group from Mexico. Very fun.

Later in the day, after wandering around even more, I saw Junior Senior in the Mojave tent....and I cannot express just how fun that was. Dancing, dancing and more dancing. And singing along. Yes, yes. And then the guy from the B-52's came on stage and sang with them, eventually followed by them playing Twist and Shout for Har Mar Superstar, who proceeded to run out onstage and dance (it was his birthday). After Junior Senior was done, we tried to catch Death Cab for Cutie, but there were too many people there already (especially since both Junior Senior and Beck had JUST finished). We could hear them well enough, though.

We went over to the Playstation tent for a while (air-conditioning, bitches) and also tried to find my Uncle's wallet (turns out he had left it in the car). When we went back out, the number of people in font of the main stage had nearly doubled, which meant....time for Pixies. I ran into the crowd and found a fairly decent spot (not in the REALLY dense part of the crowd near the front, but still close enough to see them a bit) and waited. They started. They played music. They rrrrocked. And then it was over and time for Radiohead. I was able to move a little bit closer...and it was worth it. Very awesome, they were. It convinced me to go purchase their CDs and actively listen to them when I got home, so that's gonna happen soon, I think.

Okay, so that was the first day. My Mom kept complaining on the way back to the motel....which led to a bitter argument the next day in a Mexican restaurant. Oh yeah, did I mention that at the motel, a cot was $25 extra a night? Yeah, so I slept on the floor. Did I also mention that during the day it was usually around 100°? Yeah, that wasn't fun. Oh well.

So the second day I told my Mom and Uncle that we didn't have to go until Belle & Sebastian were scheduled to be there, which wasn't until about 6. My Mom was being stubborn and almost didn't go, but I guilted her into it (and agreed that we would leave right after the Lips, since I'm fairly indifferent when it comes to the Cure). The parking situation and the traffic was so bad, however, that we didn't manage to get to the main stage until after their set was over. Aye, that made me sad. But then Air was there. Air was good, and very much so.

And then....................Flaming Lips!! YES!!! It was magical. The set was incredibly short, but I didn't give a shit. It was still amazing. I'm sure all of you who are interested have already heard about the giant plastic bubble. Genius. And adorable...he kept falling down. I had a much better time at this show than I did at the first show of theirs that I saw, but only because I was so much closer to the stage and many of the people in the audience were actually happy to be seeing them. It was hypnotizing. Captivating, even. Given the choice to either go through life free of any worries or to live my life as though it was one big Flaming Lips concert....I would definitely choose the latter. Actually, that wouldn't be impossible. Yay.

When the Lips were over, I turned around to go find my Mom so that we could leave....and the sight that I encountered was one that could strike fear into the hardest of hearts. That is....dozens of Cure fans running in my direction, hoping to get closer to the stage. I did the only thing I could do...I stiffened up my shoulders and just ran into the wave of people, plowing down as many as I could. We got out of there eventually, and managed to get back to the motel virtually unscathed. The conversation with my Mom on the way back went a little something like this:

Me: So, what did we learn today?
Mom: *sigh*...not to complain so much.
Me: I was gonna say that it's, "The Flaming Lips kick ass", but that's a good lesson too.

So the next day we went home, and that's pretty much it.


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