Roxie™ (metatronis) wrote,

I had such a weird dream last night. At least I was able to fall asleep BEFORE 2. Anyways. I still need to find more things to do during the day. If I get more exercise, maybe i'll be able to fall asleep easier. I bet nobody will ever read this. Hey...that means I can say whatever I want...ALAN IS A SEXY BITCH AND I WANNA...on second thought I 'd better not. I got my Until There's a Cure bracelet in the mail today. It got here so fast! I'm glad I can to SOMETHING to show my support for AIDs victims. I already volunteer at ARIS and I'm thinking that I will continue to volunteer there even after I graduate. Actually, I kind of want to volunteer more actively once I'm in college. I don't know where but...yeah. I'll think about that when I am actually CLOSE to graduating. I have other things to think about right now. Like London!!! I'll be on the plane in...omg like 3 days! Well...I didn't know it was so soon. I hope I have a good time. Write later. Byebye.

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