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SURVEYSURVEY from dustmite_, cause she's awesome

Nothing much has happened that'd be worth sayin' here, so I did a survey (because what do you do when you're boring as hell? That's right, you fill out surveys [I'm only referring to myself here, though]).


[four words that sum you up]: No
[jewelry worn daily]: Silver bracelet with the AIDS ribbon on it and my class ring
[wallet]: A little black purse-like thingy
[coffee]: Naw
[shoes]: Sandals for most of spring and summer/ short boots the rest of the year
[cologne/perfume]: None
[clothing you have on]: A black shirt with a picture of a cow and the words "Apocalypse Cow" emblazoned across the front, jeans, socks


[wishing]: Er....I won't say it here
[after this]: I will study for two tests tommorow and continue reading The Da Vinci Code
[talking to]: Michael on AIM
[eating]: Ice cream
[fetishes]: Eyes, nerdiness
[some favorite movies]: Donnie Darko
[something you're looking forward to]: COACHELLA
[last thing you ate]: Burritos
[something you’re afraid of]: Stuff
[if you could have any animal as a pet]: Wayne Coyne
[cities you wouldn’t mind moving to]: London, San Francisco
[some favorite foods]: Cheese
[something -or someone- you wish you could understand better]: Math
[miss someone you haven't seen in a long time]: Yeah

~DO YOU...~

[like candles]: Yes
[like company]: Yes
[believe in soul mates]: In a way
[believe in love at first sight]: Yeah
[believe in forgiveness]: Most of the time
[want to get married]: Sure, eventually
[want to have kids]: Uh huh
[ever want to adopt kids]: Perhaps


[cried]: No
[bought something]: Lunch
[gotten sick]: I had a sore throat this morning...but it went away
[sang]: Yes, I have singing lessons on Tuesday
[eaten]: Yes
[been kissed]: No
[felt stupid]: Uh...probably
[wanted to tell someone you love them, but you didn't]: Oh yes. Yes, yes...yes yes.
[talked to an ex]: No
[talked to someone you have a crush on]: Uh...well...indirectly, I guess
[had a serious talk]: Yes
[missed someone]: Yes
[hugged someone]: I think so...
[argued with a parent(s)]: I yelled at my Grandma in my head...
[dreamt about someone you can't be with]: In a way


[best girl friend(s)]: All of them
[best guy friend(s)]: All of them
[boyfriend/girlfriend]: No
[hobbies]: Singing, drawing, reading, watching hi-larious television
[pager/cell]: I have a cellphone that I use infrequently
[are the you the center of attention or a wallflower]: Depends on who I'm with
[car you drive]: A PoofySeed that runs on dreams or rage
[would you rather be with friends or on a date]: Depends on the friends and the date
[job]: None
[attend church]: No!
[like being around people]: Yeah, usually


[who is your role model]: My Dad and my Grandfather
[pet peeves]: GAH!!
[ever liked someone you can't be with]: I've got a problem like that right now, though it's not definite
[ever wanted to get revenge on someone cause they hurt you]: Not really
[cried over the opposite sex]: Sure
[your favorite physical appearance]: Yes
[are you happy with yourself]: Yes
[what plans do you have for the future]: I dunno
[who do you really hate]: I don't think I really hate anyone
[who's your most trustworthy family member]: Grandpa
[deep secret]: Stuff?
[embarrassing moments]: Eh...

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