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Shit's funny, man.

Everyone go and get Mitch Hedberg's CD immediately! Do it right now or I'll kill you and eat your children atop your bloody carcass!!!

I came home at eleven this morning and slept on the couch until nine. Last night we watched Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey and Sixteen Candles (Angela's choices). I forced them to watch Donnie Darko. Even now, it's still the fuckin' best movie ever. There's so much hype now but I think it's deserving.
Anyway, I have three days left [this weekend] to do whatever I want, but I have a feeling that I'm going to spend most of this time inside doin' stupid shit.
I can't think right now.

I think I said this before, but Monarch Madness is this big competition that our school has every year between each grade. It is comprised of various mini-events (some more homoerotic than others) and entertaining things. A good time is had by...most? Some? A few? Well, I had fun, bitches.

Dressed up for Monarch Madness yesterday. Our theme was the 80's, so I was a punk rocker.

[L to R: Angela, Eileen and Erin] Angela wore a very oversized shirt with an eighties hairstyle, Eileen just wore class colors and Erin also had funky eighties hair.


The teachers did this awesome dance for us. That was hi-larious.



The aftermath.

Aww yeyeah.

The Seniors won, though. Oh well, it's good that they were able to win once before they die.

Night, all.

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