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My eyelashes hurt.

*with a French accent* YES!!!
I finished my essay last night, which means that it's smooooth sailin' from here on out. Only two more REAL weeks of school. Ahhh yeeeaaahh.

Whilst doing my History reading, I saw that they were discussing the ways in which average citizens conserved materials and suchlike for WWII.
I was suddenly reminded of my precious Maakies. Maakies!!!

I gave my reflection thingy. The reaction was just what I expected. A few seem interested; most seemed bored and/or indifferent.
Oh well, I'm happy now.

I got a C on my Chemistry test, and I got an A on my Algebra II test. What?! That's sooo backwards. But hey, they kind of balance the grades in a weird way. And the Chemistry thing wasn't that bad, cause I understand almost all of it (there was just one section that tripped me up).

The sky was awesome today. I posted pictures in my photo journal. Go look.
Oh, but I wanted to put this one in here, cause I think it looks so darn cool.

The sun eclipse behind the clouds....
Well, not really, but that's what came to mind. What with that SONG being STUCK in my HEAD for most of the day.

I'ma gonna shut the hell up now.

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