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So yeah.

This was a pretty good day.
I woke up mid-day and bathed, and then I sat around waiting for Bean and Co. arrive. I'm gonna stay at her place until Sunday.
We ate food, which is a good thing to do.
Because Roxie=vegematarianistic person, I ate very little. Well, compared to everyone else. No, I didn't have tofurkey. See?

And then I had a roll. Wow. It was good though.
After eating, my little brother, Erik [we celebrated his birthday today], opened his presents. I took fun pictures.

I packed all my crap and we left. Mommy, Erik, Paul and I went to Paul's friend's house for a while. Then we went back to Bean's house. Played with presents. Coolness. Showed Erik the Yoshimi videos. Now he likes the Flaming Lips. Awesomeness. Now I'm watching the South Park movie. I'm hungry.

Oh yeah, I made a photo journal yesterday. Its name is adeath_anxiety. You can add it if you want. Or don't. Whatever. I posted Thanksgiving related pictures. Yay.

So tired....

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