Roxie™ (metatronis) wrote,

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I just love the song Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. I love the music video too. It's so inspiring. You can see the video if you look her up on the GLAAD website. This is all very odd, for I do not like nor listen to Christina. It's just this song. Whatever. I'm gonna join that Curves place. I think it'll be fun. I really need to draw more. If I never practice, I...well I'll probably still suck, even if I pratice all summer. I really should though. I made my photo album for my London trip. I like it a lot, England is so beautiful. Sleeping at my mom's on Saturday! It's been like a month. Damn. Oh yeah, I also started reading Titus. It works a lot better for me if I read it aloud with iambic pentameter. I can understand and pay attention to it better that way. Oh. Goodbye.

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