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I have....tests. Tests....suck.

So much work to do in so little time. We only have three days of school this week. I have like four tests in the next two days. That wouldn't be too bad, except that each class period this week is really short. Barely enough time to take a test. Plus, the three day weekend made me lazy. I feel randy. It's all Steve's fault.

Keep in mind that I've been studying very very hard and because of that I have become hyper and restless. Plus...*mumble*..threesome...*mumble*. Nevermind. That was a completely different conversation.

jhonenvrulz (8:07:45 PM): GAH, TURN MY BRAIN OFF!!
Gyradoes (8:08:01 PM): *pushes switch to turn brain off
Gyradoes (8:08:21 PM): AHHHHHHHHHH
jhonenvrulz (8:08:27 PM): Damnit it, it's not working!!!
Gyradoes (8:08:30 PM): uh...*shakes you* SNAP OUT OF IT MAN!
jhonenvrulz (8:08:44 PM): I'M NOT A MAN
jhonenvrulz (8:08:52 PM): THEY SURE ARE THOUGH
Gyradoes (8:09:32 PM): HAHAHAHAHAHAH
jhonenvrulz (8:09:53 PM): Ahhhhhhhh!!
jhonenvrulz (8:09:57 PM): This isn't right!
jhonenvrulz (8:10:17 PM): I have a religion test tommorow on morality, for pete's sake
jhonenvrulz (8:10:41 PM): Gah gah gah gah gah
Gyradoes (8:11:01 PM): HAHAHAHAHA
jhonenvrulz (8:11:19 PM): *chants to self* monogamy monogamy monogamy
Gyradoes (8:12:10 PM): LMAO
Gyradoes (8:12:14 PM): *cant stop laughin
jhonenvrulz (8:12:22 PM): IT'S STILL NOT WORKING
jhonenvrulz (8:12:59 PM): This is just too much...
jhonenvrulz (8:14:58 PM): Sorry about this
Gyradoes (8:15:27 PM): lol
jhonenvrulz (8:15:28 PM): I had no idea that a single picture could get me all hot & bothered
Gyradoes (8:15:31 PM): BUT IT ISNT SUNDAY

I swear I'll never act like this again.


Nov. 25th, 2003 11:04 am (UTC)
What an awesome quote. I have often felt that way, not necessarily about Wayne. But for instance, Rob Thomas's voice gets me all hot & bothered, though I don't particularly find him attractive. It's that evocation of lust of which Wayne speaks.

Wayne is awesome.

That picture of Wayne and the scrumptious Mr. Burns has sullied my eyes for most other men. :-D


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