Roxie™ (metatronis) wrote,

Damn. I didn't get into my photography class. Damn. But my mom's gonna take me to a movie in a half hour. I wish X2 was still playing at any of the theaters near me. But no, they have fuck damn daddy daycare instead. I just changed my rat's cage and she's already messed it up again. Graham is everywhere. Ok, not everywhere, but he's shown up a lot more than before. Like yesterday, when he was on Tough Crowd. And that time a few weeks ago when he was on the Daily Show. And then today I saw that he was on the cover of TV Week in the San Fransisco Chronicle. Good times. I watched a movie yesterday...what was it....oh yeah! I watched Circle of Friends all the way through for the first time. I had never seen the full first hour, just parts of it. Anyways, it was very nice. I liked the whole movie (not just Alan) and that other cute guy too. Y'know...Aidan or whatever. Hmmm...I've written way too much. I should stop now , especially if I want people to still like me. Goodbye.

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