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If you're going to laugh at me, perhaps I won't seduce you after all.

I got The Onion: Ad Nauseam volume 14!! I'm so weekend. I'm also very glad it's the tired. After school I had to go to ARIS [the place I volunteer at], and now my back hurts. It was raining. Yay! And apparently the governator was in San Jose too. But that's okay cause, well, RAIN!! During lunch, it was raining but we all stayed outside and went crazy. My religion teacher called me a "no-god" person after class. That was funny, cause he didn't really mean it in a negative way. I was just asking him about this prayer assignment, and what I should do, seeing as how it would really feel wrong to lead the class in a prayer when I don't believe in god. We worked it out, and I think the solution works wonderfully, cause I might get to play a Lips song for the class to aid my reflection. Sploding squirrel!!!

[please excuse any and all grammatical errors. I didn't feel like trying today]

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