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Your future is tommorow!

I remember the thing that happened yesterday that I wanted to mention! This guy in my art class (who knows l lurve the FLips) gave me a Yoshimi poster and these promotional flyers that he had. I forget why he had them and why he gave them to me, but...whatever. Anyways, that was awesome and now I have a Lips poster on my wall. Yaaaayyy!!! Today was cool. I got a really good grade on my analytical Scarlet Letter essay [much better than I had expected, what with the hideous writing skills 'n all]. I finally know how to correctly factor in algebra, which makes math a lot less scary now. My homework was easy as a crack whore. 'Sall coo', foo'.

Yay! Julie [aunt, moved to Colorado a few months ago] just got here!! She's staying here for a week.

Euro Music Awards on Saturday!!!!! Boo yes.

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