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My ears hurt. And my throat. And my nose. And my scalp. And my skin.

Arrrgh. I had two quizzes and two tests today. And I'm sick.
They watch you at night and make you lick hot lava.
But that's okay, cause it means that I don't have to go to the gym tommorow morning. Plus, it's the weekend. Plus, I'm going to see Elf with Bean tommorow. And I got my pictures. I might as well show the two that I wanted to show, since my writingness is not of the sense-making persuasion, in this state of achiness. Huh?

I was able to see better than this picture implies, but this is my favorite. I didn't take many pictures.

Tom almost pissed off Flansy. He seemed amused/deeply angered.

I didn't want them to sign a plain piece of paper, cause I wanted it to be more personal. I managed to find a polaroid of Mary in my purse.


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