Roxie™ (metatronis) wrote,

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Who made it so damn cold?! Was it you, God??? Cause if it was....

It's funny how things happen, and then you're dead. Eh? EH??? I need to get rid of one of my Stevey icons and replace it with a newer, better Stevey one. Cause I'm just so hip. Ask anyone. Seriously, just go up to anyone and ask, "Is Roxie hip?". They'll probably answer, "Indeed, my furry friend". That or they'll bitch slap yo crazy ass. I also need to start yelling at random people around school. Don't ask me why, because frankly, I don't know why. I am going to shut up now, whether I like it or not. Not? Huh? My goodness, Roxie, you are so stupid...
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