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Did you know that I can unwrap a Starburst without using my hands??? So we've been watching this movie in religion called Quiz Show. The guys in that movie are very attractive. I knew that I had seen that one guy before. Then I realized, it's Ralph Fiennes! The one that tinajasper likes! I'm ashamed that I didn't recognize him right away though. The other guy is also pretty. If Mr. Burns (ha!) doesn't update his site soon, I shall **** * ****** with the flinging ****** ******* and the shrieking ********* and the ******** *** *******notebook. Tis torture.

  • asdf;lkjsdf

    OMFG WE WON THE WORLD SERIES! GO GIANTS!!! AAAAHHH! Also, Nano is going to kill me. D:

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