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My hair is officially clean. She actually cooperated today, which is a miracle. I mean, just last week she tried to commit suicide. Thank god my hairbrush is made out of plastic. I'm at Bean's house, and Erik is here driving a tank and killing everybody he meets with a machete. It's nice. I can't wait until it starts raining around here. I know that probably won't be for a while though. It has been rather cold lately. Now Erik is making us watch Rocky Horror again. I have corrupted his mind completely, and I am quite proud. He likes Steve! I need to burn SFD for him soon. Wow...he's singing along with the show....IT'S YOUR FAULT FOR STARTING IT, YA STUPID ROXIE MONKEY. I think it should be called your lifeday, instead. We should have our lifedays, and our deathdays. SLUT! ASSHOLE!

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