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Raging Waters. That was good fun. Argh, what's wrong with the internet right now? Gawd it's not working right and now I am filled with hate so filled with hate. Now I am severly sunburnt and I feel all wonky. My goodness, I need to finish watching Red Dwarf. Urgh. Oh yeah, Tom, Jimmy, Jeanne and Paul and I are gonna see Gigantic tommorow in San Fransisco! Whoa. I can stll feel the wave from the wave pool. I finally met Jocelyn. She was awesome. I can see why she's Dani's best friend. Short sentences are fun. I also met a friend of Eileen named Laura. She was great too. I hope I get a chance to see or talk to her again. I bet you're all sick of my short sentences. I make you sick, don't I? Well good, cause that's part of my plan. Heheh. God, my arms are burning. Good fun.

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