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I started re-reading Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers last night. Gawd, I'd forgotten how much I love Red Dwarf. Oh, guess who rules now? Steve Burns. Yeah, the guy who used to host Blue's Clues. He a musician now. Hehe, when I first heard about it, I laughed and laughed. It's just so odd to me, since I used to watch him on Blue's Clues when I was sick and had to stay home from school. I checked out some of his music though (his album[Songs for dustmites] is coming out the....12th I think). It's awesome. It reminds me (slightly) of TMBG. Speaking of them, Gigantic is coming to San Fransisco (I found out that I missed Wigfield...DAMMIT...Stephen Colbert rocks my socks)!! I have no idea when I'll have time to go and see it, but I MUST. Somehow. My toe still hurts. That's sad. I hate award shows. Oh deary me. I should go now.

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