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God I must smell really bad by now. Urk. I'm halfway through Wigfield now. Damn good book. Damn good. Heh, I keep fantasizing about what a great couple Sebastian and Steve would make. *sigh* What the fuck is wrong with people? Life is very frustrating right now. With Josh&Mandy and the cleanliness thing and school time moving in ever closer. DAMMIT. I feel like crying. That would be good. Crying is always problems are stupid. All of them. I'm kind of sad that the OCD is almost completely gone now. I haven't taken my Paxil all summer and I feel fine. I'm sad now. I wanna be depressed. I miss it. How fucked up is that? Wow. I must be so annoying. But I don't hate myself. Dammit, why don't I hate myself??? Fucking....brain. LEAVING NOW, SHUT IT BIATCH.

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