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Today was weird. A bee hit me in the face, and then there was a camera crew on the bus, and a lady on the street dancing for "peace", and a license plate that said: 4r moose. What did you do for your moose? Buy a car? Kill a man?

Anyways. I know I slacked off last year, but I'm totally gonna do it this time around.

SO, if you want a holiday card, regardless of whether we interact regularly, just comment here with whatever name and address you want me to use, and I'll send something! Comments are screened, but if you're still uncomfortable with that or something, you can always PM or email it to me. Also, doesn't matter where you live! Though people far away might not get theirs until, like, summer. I don't know how these things work.

Let me know if you want a specific holiday, or I'll assume that Christmas/generic is groovy. You can even tell me to do a specific non-holiday theme (rabbits, bananas, fandom stuff, whatevs), and I'll do my best to fulfill it.

I also can't guarantee that they'll get out in time for Christmas, cause I do things weird.
And speaking of that, I might put strange messages in them. Just...uh...know that it might not be the most ordinary things. People who've gotten my cards before may know what I'm talking about.

Anyways, DOOO IT.
Tags: holidays

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