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Last night(well this morning) I saw Bernard and the Genie. My, that movie was hi-larious. Alan was cute beyond words, of course. Quote time!

"...and how DO large transvestites get in lamps these days?"-Bernard

"Have you just injected LSD into my bottom?"-Bernard

"Santa smelled funny."-creepy little kid

"...but you know, there's more to me than fantastic PANTS."-Joesepha

"hmm...I was right...VERY kinky."-Joesepha

And the kinkiest of all:

"Well I've sucked on some pretty wonderful things Bernie, but that takes the biscuit."-Joesepha

Alan's(well, Bernard's) reaction to this line was so...mmmmmheheh. Y'know that thing that Alan does where he raises one of his eyebrows slightly and does that thing with his mouth and it's extremely sexy and suggestive? Yup, that was it. Heheheee. Oh and y'know I was so out of it last night. Before I went to bed I was thinking about "What if human did that mounting thing that dogs do?". Y'know, how a dog will mount another dog to show dominance over it and in this way it's not a sexual thing? So that got me thinking that it would be funny if humans did this too. And THAT got me thinking "If Jack Sparrow and the Emcee got in a mounting fight or contest or whatever, who would win?". Eventually I realized that I really didn't care who won, as long as I could watch the fight. ;D I really should do something about this brain thing...ah well...no pictures right now. Maybe later.


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Jul. 19th, 2003 03:17 pm (UTC)
Aw that was the first Alan movie I ever saw in my life. I adored it. I owned the movie long before I got into Alan so it was such a nice possession once my obssession started hehe. Oh how I miss that sweet, shy and innocent Alan. I really do..
Jul. 21st, 2003 11:46 am (UTC)
But you forgot:

Josephus: What color is this singer, Bernie?
Bernard: Black.
Josephus: I thought so.

lol Every Alan fan should see this movie. I got software to convert my VHS to DVD (the pic is still kind of lousy though, but it won't deteriorate) and want to sell it on eBay but I am sure that would be illegal :(
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