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Postan another update!
Didn't have time to see much yet, but we did see the Scott Pilgrim panel.

First off, Edgar Wright is adorable. Most obvious thing in the world, I know, but I'm pretty sure this was my first time seeing him irl so I will say it forever: EDGAR WRIGHT IS ADORRRABLE. Also, Michael Cera is really fuckin' funny in person. If you've ever seen his old Clark and Michael videos, you probably know that too. He has such a dry sense of humor, and I think if he brings that to the movie he'll be a perfect Scott. Jason Schwartzman is hilarious too and has a magnificent mustache. And I'm also pretty much in love with the rest of the cast too, so hhhnnghjhljsl.

Oh, and then SIMON PEGG AND NICK FROST SHOWED UP! Edgar introduced them as special guests from the movie and they came out on stage for like 5 seconds, and then Edgar said he'd mixed it up and had meant to say that they were NOT in the movie, and they left dejectedly. Best real-life cameo ever.

Pictures will be disturbingly huge until I can get to my computer at home.

Aw sad Simon :(

And apparently Edgar helped Kieran Culkin "prepare" for his gay makeout scene with hands-on instruction. They seemed somewhat sincere about this, so...yeah, I ship it. At first I wasn't sure about him as Wallace (yeah Wallace is my favorite I'm so predictable leave me alone), but the more I see the more I like.

They're screening it tomorrow and Saturday, so uhh we're gonna try to see it. If we do, expect angry rambling or incoherent screams.

Tags: con, fried gold, movies

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