Roxie™ (metatronis) wrote,

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Didn't do much for my birthday (omg 23), but I have a shit-ton of trips coming up so it's not a big deal. My brother and I are leaving on Monday for Ashland. We're gonna hang out for a couple of days and see Hamlet at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. While I'm looking forward to it, I'm not quite sure how I'm going to handle the looong train ride there (about half a day).

Still working on some art thangs. I've got a couple of little fancomics going on. They're pretty dumb, but I want to keep myself as busy as possible with these things.
I'm also trying to work on a fanfic, but I get nervous posting them in public. I know I'm not super-great at The Writing, but I like spitting out the ideas.

So yeah, that's what's happening. Travel plans and trying not to be lazy.
Tags: birthday, fanstuff, travel

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