Roxie™ (metatronis) wrote,

Ashes to Ashes finale

I don't know if anyone on my f'list watches Ashes to Ashes, but if you do you should totally geek out with me.

So at first I was a teeny bit underwhelmed, but now that it's sunk in I totally love it.
It just...GUH. I mean, I'd heard some of the theories floating around, so it wasn't as shocking as it would have been, but still. At the very least, I'm relieved that they didn't go the space route like the America LoM. I'm also really glad that it doesn't interfere with the Life on Mars ending.

I like how Alex accepted it. I think she'd been sorting through everything in the back of her mind - which is why there weren't really any mentions of Molly throughout the season. Like, she'd become increasingly distant from the real world, which is why it wasn't hard for her to let go in the end.

I also like that Gene stayed behind. Maybe now that he's aware of his role, he'll get closer to finding peace.

And Keats.
KEATS. KEEEAATSS. He was amazing. I liked him before, but now that we know he's satan/demony/whatevs, I have a total Keats boner. When he was spazzing out and all that, it was amazing.

Anyway. Just...everything. I love how it came together.

Tags: ashes to ashes, tv

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