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So. I have this lower division anthro class that I'm taking, though I don't remember why (probably just filler). I've already learned most of what we've covered, which isn't surprising since it's lower division and I've been doing this for five years now - plus the class is mostly made up of freshman, and includes a lot of non-majors. The teacher has covered a lot of information so far (it's about the stages of human life), but she keeps saying things that are...not quite true. It doesn't happen all the time, but usually there's at least one moment during each class that makes me think "hrm, that ain't right". I never say anything, since I'm just a student, and an undergrad at that, but the fact that she's teaching these questionable "facts" to non-majors really gets my goat.

Last week she said something that I am convinced is completely false. It contradicts some of the basic principles of natural selection and physical anthropology.
Then today she somehow managed to talk about the marriage and assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand without ever mentioning a connection to WWI. I....I didn't think that was possible. If this was an upper division history class there'd be no need, but since a large portion of our class gasped when she said he was assassinated, you'd think she would have at least said "oh btw, then WWI happened lol".

For the most part it's not really a big deal. Just a few ideas that some teacher might be misrepresenting. The fact that it's pissed me off so much just shows that I need to get away from school. Good thing there's only a couple of weeks left!
I swear I'll post something interesting soon. Something with shiny pictures or fluffy bunnies.
Tags: god i'm a bitch, school, useless complaining

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