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It is time

So my last final has come and gone, thank goodness. Sorry that I haven't been around much for commenting and journaling, but the last few weeks have been red alert "let's make Roxie write a billion papers" weeks, and I was hella sick last week so I wasn't coherent anyways.

I have many things to do over the break, and to prepare for england. Ohgodohgodohgodohgod.
I was kind of in the Christmas spirit, and then finals busytime happened, and now I wanna get it back. But I'm too tired to go around being merry because it started raining this weekend (yayayayayyyay) and I was wearing broken down sandals, and I slipped and almost fell down a flight of stairs. So I have bruises on my legs and butt, and a complete lack of desire to go outside right now.
There's also snow on the mountains!! I was on campus this morning and I could see the snowy mountains, and it was beautiful but I was like "I thought I was in California?"
I mean, there's snow sometimes, but usually not this much. Awesome.

I'll try to post consistently over break, although it seems that when I actually have the time, I start to forget. Maybe it will help me stay on track with my break activities/goals.
For just the next few weeks:
- Christmas presents
- Finish a few drawings (color Rorschach picture!)
- Finish Twilight Princess, or at least get further

I think I can do that. Or try. Bleh.
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