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I can do television

I had a mini breakdown today. I do not know why. I think I should maybe see a therapist before I leave, but I'm afraid of what it might bring up.

BUT, I was comforted greatly when I got home because the new season of one of my favoritest shows ever, SCREENWIPE, has just started again. Sure, the seasons are only about 4 episodes long, but it still thrilllllls me. Critics are normally some of my least favorite people in the world, but when Charlie says something cynical I just want to cuddle the seething anger right out of him. He also shares my passion for television and understands its potential. I love that man.

Just for kicks, here's one of my favorite Charlie rants:

Oh, and this is pretty nice
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Tags: brain issues, charlie brooker, nanowrimo, screenwipe, tv, you've gone wrong

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