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It's a goddawful small affair

Saw the US Life on Mars premiere.
Hmmm...I'm conflicted.
It had some of the charm of the UK version. It was also nearly identical (apart from language and culture), which confused me. The creators say it'll go in a different direction than the original, but I dunno. If it changes, it won't be the same awesome story. If it doesn't change, then why remake it at all?
Also, it's...opposite. It seems like the blocking of each scene literally mirrors the original. That's odd.
And I'm not sure about some of the actors' portrayals. I prefer the original characterization of Annie, for example. Chris is pretty good. Ray and Gene are decent so far.

But I didn't hate it. It could've been a lot worse, to be honest. It's just difficult to see a piece of art you really love done by entirely different people without feeling uneasy.
We'll see how it goes.

I also miss this sexy beast:

Oh my.
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