September 14th, 2010


So delicious

Heeyyy so. My grandparents are out of town for the week and I have the house to myself - which would be a lot more fun if I wasn't in school, but hey. The only real difference is that the fridge is filled with jello shots, and I can shower whenever I want. Whoop. I kind of want to do an audio meme since I can be super loud and obnoxious now, but all my microphones are crap.

School is going pretty good. I have like 14 books to read this semester, but there are a couple of classes that are making me pretty happy, so I guess it evens out. I LOVE my figure drawing class so far. We just started drawing live models and I feel like my sense of anatomy and proportion has already increased exponentially. There are so many things I want to draw omg.

I have a couple of little fic ideas that I've been fleshing out, so hopefully I'll still have time to write with all this stupid reading. Then November and Nano and ohhh goddd.