March 29th, 2008


Sprung Beak

Dani told me to update today, so I will do this.

Spring break was nice. It's been a really stressful semester with almost NO breaks, so it's good to be lazy for a week, even though I still did some work and reading and stuff.

Yesterday we dined on garlic bread, jambalaya with meatless sausage, rum, sake and sangria wine coolers. It was amazing.

Today my friends and I went to the mall, and it was waaay too crowded. But something amazing happened! I actually found a bathing suit I like! I don't think that has ever happened before in my life. It's really cute. Yay!

But what is exciting in my life right now??? Well, next spring I may be studying abroad in England!! Bath, specifically. I'm extremely excited about this, and I have been planning the necessary steps all week. Bath is a lovely place, and it would be fantastic to go somewhere else by myself for a while, however scary it seems right now. I really hope I can work things out and get accepted into the program. Eee, nervous. I will give updates on this.

Dani and Jocelyn go home tomorrow. D: But I also remembered that we have Cesar Chavez day off. Hah!

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