August 22nd, 2007



My brain is everywhere these days.
And not just with summer wrapping up and everything, but the steady approach of Nano as well.

For the past week or so I've been coming up with ideas for the next [continuing] story, and it's going well but is also very, very frustrating. I can't talk to anyone about my ideas because a) no one irl is gonna listen and b) more importantly, if I talk about it, I won't be as motivated to write two months from now. The person I normally have these lengthy discussions with is fffffaaaaaaaar awwaaaayyy, and the only other person I have [4 seriouz] discussions with has just started reading my stories. OOPS.
So basically I really don't want to talk about it because it's better for my brain in the long run, but it's hard not to because this point in the process is exciting and I'm a hopeless attention whore. It's like this every year, though. If I can't cope by now, I should probably just move to Hhhhacksville.

The ideas that I've been expanding on are also kinda depressing, which is...making me depressed. I've gotta start thinking up some happiness, and fast.
Oh well. School starts tomorrow, so hopefully that'll distract me enough that I can pocket my fictional universe for a while.

Yes, our semester is starting on a Thursday.
No, I don't understand it either.