August 8th, 2007

Oh so awesome.


Finally, blargh.

Featured: Mike Nelson, Tim & Eric, and the cast and creators of Futurama.
Aaaahaaaaomg. I didn't know Mike was gonna be there until I randomly thought to check the autograph schedule that morning, and didn't think I'd get to see him even if we did get there in time, which is why my mind blanked so hard when I was actually in front of him. Daahh.

Okay, on to exciting things in the near future. Stardust. Any takers?
It comes out on Friday, so I'll probably be going in the afternoon or evening. If any of my peeps aren't busy and wanna go together, call/text me and we'll figure it out.
I finished the book last night and it's really a damn fine story. The illustrated version is beautiful too.
And Neil is proud and very excited about it and wants it to do well.
Um, also, Ricky Gervais plays a man with a funny hat and a long pipe. And it's narrated by Ian McKellen. And Robert De Niro is a sky pirate.

Did I convince anyone yet, goddamnit?