June 29th, 2007

Colors and Light


Took Reggie to the vet today for his first check-up/general looking-over. He's a very healthy young bunnay!

I guess it's been longer than I thought since I posted any artz.
So, for the 1.5 people who enjoy my drawing crap, here's the most recent.


As always, it's supergay. But this time it features more recently developed characters who haven't appeared in my stories yet.
Frenchman Lucien, and a German named Deidrich; Spectricks who lived about seven centuries ago. They start off as playful rivals who meet in a French tavern, and their relationship quickly escalates.

Short explanation: in this crazy Spectrick universe, people automatically interpret what other people say, regardless of what language they're speaking. They can understand any language spoken at them, but they can't speak it themselves unless they learn it manually. < idea totally swiped from pays homage to Douglas Adams >

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