August 7th, 2006

Colors and Light


Gaaah, internet went away for a few days there. It may be going away for the next week too since I'm going to Lake Tahoe tomorrow.
Dani and my family and I are going to be in Tahoe for a week. I hear that it's been raining a lot there, so that'll be pretty awesome. We're staying in the cabin we always go to, but I haven't been to Tahoe in a few years.
I saw Talladega Nights today. My face exploded with laughter quite a few times. Good film, there.
My mom moved into a new place. A few weeks ago, when we had a heat wave, she lost power at her condo for DAYS. That's terrible. Her fish died. :( She moved last week, though, and this new apartment is really nice. It's smaller, but it's cuter and more cozy.
See all y'all later!
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