June 15th, 2006

You give your hand to me


Only post in over a week, and it's a meme. CHA!!

These truly are my first reactions. Shows a lot about my thought process, don't it.

Type your FIRST REACTION when you hear these 30 words/phrases (don't spend time thinking - just your gut reaction), then tag at least 5 people:

1. I need a cigarette: Stomp on it
2. Sex: Jehovah's Witness
3. Relationships: Motherfucker
4. Your last ex: Trichotomy
5. Power: of Christ compels you
6. Marijuana: Chicken bong
7. Crack: Tamales
8. Food: Sandy lunch
9. Last kiss: Pillow fight
10. Next kiss: Violence
11. Cars: Abraham
12. Gas Price: Elderly
13. Halloween: Miracle
14. Bon Jovi: Chevy Chase
15. Love: Suckers
16: Myspace: Science Fiction
17. Worst Fear: Regret
18. Marriage: Tumultuous
19. Fashion: Brigade
20. Brunettes: For the greater good
21. Redheads: Cherished
22. Blondes: Frivolity
23. Work: Ferris wheel
24. Pass the time: Whistle
25. Mushrooms: Mario
26. One night stands: Call the police
27. Pet Peeves: Brown dog
28. Pixie Stix: Greek
29. Vanilla Ice: David Bowie
30. Abortion: Delicious

People to tag:
Everyone on the goddamn planet.
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