December 30th, 2005

Colors and Light

On Christmas, Trigun, and my undying love for 今堀恒雄

was boring as shit.
I sat around in my pajamas all day trying to avoid going into the family room where my grandma, aunt, uncle-in-law and uncle were watching movie after movie. They watched A Christmas Story for the millionth fuckin' time. I used to love that movie when I was a wee one, but after years of being forced to watch it over and over again I have come to hate it. Such is life.

That's not to say it was a bust. Not at all. On top of a whole bunch of cool gift cards, I got a 250 GB external hard drive and a Wacom tablet, both of which I have made good use of in the past few days.
This is also the first year I've really been able to give my family cool gifts, so that's pretty cool too.

In the meantime, I have gotten back into one of my all-time favorite anime, Trigun. If you've never seen or heard of Trigun, it's kind of a futuristic western sci-fi comedy on acid with interesting characters, a killer backstory, some intriguing philosophy and a huge scoop of awesome on top.
The other day, I found the old soundtracks and was reminded of why Tsuneo Imahori OWNS MY FREAKIN' SOUL. He is one of my most favoritest composers EVAR. I have known this since the first time I heard the Trigun theme song, and fell in love.

I have all of the Trigun soundtracks, including the third which was simply a "best of" type combination of the first two, except that it was the only one of them to be released in North America.
I got it on the first day it was released, in 2001.
At a huge comic-book convention.
If that is not proof of the dork that is me, I don't know what is.

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I'm not quite sure how I'd describe his music. It's kind of...bluesy-funk-honky-tonk-techno-craziness. Let's just say I wasn't the least bit surprised when I found out that one of his major influences was Frank Zappa. If any of that sounds at all appealing to you, I'd have a listen. Seriously, even if you hate anime, this music rocks. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but it definitely suits my tastes PERFECTLY, and it makes a great show even better.
And I don't know if anyone will care/want them, but I have uploaded a few songs from Spicy Stewed Donut for your aural pleasure.
These are all instrumentals.

No-Beat - Fast!
Philosophy in a Tea Cup - Calm! And then fast!
Blue Funk - Smooth!

And a gorgeous song...with words! Japanese words, but words nonetheless.
Sound Life

I'm not certain that Tsuneo wrote the lyrics, but I know he composed it.
Even so, beautiful lyrics. It's supposed to be a folk song that was taught/sung to the main character Vash by his mentor, Rem.

English translation:
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That was kind of a long entry, but I seriously love this guy.