September 12th, 2005

Colors and Light


That....was a good show. I guess I should just go through what happened. (Erin = friend, Tom = Erin's boyfriend, Beth = Tom's sister)
We left for San Francisco at around 4, got lost a bit, and finally found The Fillmore around 6:30. We waited in line and when they let us in, we got a spot right in front of the stage. The opening bands (Sons and Daughters, Petra Haden and the Sellouts) were very good - much better than some I've seen in the past.
Then Decemberists happened and oh my god, we were RIGHT in front of Nate and Funk. Everyone was pumped since it was the first show of the tour, and Colin was as charming as ever. During one of Funk's first solos, I yelled (squealed) really loud and he got a smug look on his face. What an adorable man. Erin spoke to Nate twice and the second time, she got him to hand Tom the setlist for Sons and Daughters. It was awesome being so close, especially because you could see the intense concentration on their faces when they were rockin' hard. They played a lot of old favorites in addition to the new, which was great.
The best part by far was the encore, when they came out and played Chimbley Sweep. Colin and Funk were battling, and Beth and I got to touch Colin's guitar. At one point he was hovering over us, and I could have grabbed his crotch. I didn't.
The best thing of the night in general was when CHRIS FUNK PULLED TOM ONSTAGE, AND HANDED HIM HIS GUITAR. Tom played Funk's guitar while another girl played Colin's guitar, and all the band members started switching instruments and going completely batshit insane. Then Colin did awesome, cute things and I love them all so very, very much.
After it all ended, we were incredibly tired. They threw these little fake birds into the audience, and Tom got one. Then I almost got a setlist, but Beth got it instead. Erin had her t-shirt signed by Funk, but before I could get anything signed, we started leaving. I tried to go back but Beth's father called and said they had to leave. Not to sound like a complete poop, but that was disappointing. I mean, I've been to three shows and the first opportunity I get to actually interact with one of them and it's ruined. It was everyone else's first show, and they all got something personal to take back from it. I know I'm not the only person who'd be disheartened by that. Oh well, at least I got a tour poster, and the actual show poster that they were giving away (for free!). And memories. Yes, many memories.

Overall, the show itself was terrific. The venue wasn't as intimate as the Great American Music Hall (I already knew that, though), so it's a good thing we were so close. My own experience could have been better, but I'm sure there'll be a next time.
Forgive any spelling errors and such, for I am tired and sore and tired.