December 2nd, 2004



We finished playing Risk in Philosophy today (and though it was mandatory, we were playing for extra credit). Angela and I were partners. I must say that it was the most amusing time I've had playing Risk. I must also say that I'd never played Risk before. But it was great because Angela and I share this kind of....really dark humor...though I'm sure other people don't appreciate it much. Eh...fuck them. We laugh so hard at the most depressing things in that class. But anyways...

Stuff happened at the end of the game that was TOTALLY unfair (they just didn't stop!), and Angela was weeping and laughing at the same time. One of the other groups [yellow] was invading our territories viciously and they ran out of little plastic soldiers so they asked to use the gray set, and I was like "No! You take the black set. your hearts." I found out what those people's names are and engraved them into the back of my mind. They will pay for what they did. Yes, yes they will.

So, long story short, we ended up mostly retreating to the ocean where we now dominate...well...the majority of the Earth's surface. And Siberia, I think. Fuckin' A.

In addition! I did my photo shoot on Sunday, which was a success DESPITE my arriving late and a blackout that lasted until after my model, the lovely mione2Nicole, left. I was using a flash, though, so that aspect of it didn't matter, but I couldn't upload my pictures to the computer to empty the memory card, so I was limited in the amount of pictures I could take.

If you want to see the pictures I may turn in, unedited (the edited versions are on the school's network), here you go.
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