September 25th, 2004

Colors and Light

"I hate him. I really do."

TOTALLY, MAN. JEBUS JEBUS JEBUS, not again. Fuckin' chicken bucket.
*tears out passerby's throat*
Oh, that feels better. I'm going to say nonsense shit more often from now on. Maybe some of it will make sense to someone someday.

Ah, that was a long week. The tests went alright, so, you know, eat babies.
We had our first school mass of the year (where the whole school sits outside for an hour and we listen to the bishop talk). Michael and I spent almost the whole time just making fun of stuff and discussing what a strange voice the bishop has. I mean, he's Irish, but he just pronounces some things so strangely.
Yes, we're horrible children.
Yes, we're going to hell.
No, I don't care.

Dad came over! You know, neither of my parents technically went to college. Hmmmm....interesting.

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    Everybody always makes fun of the pope.