August 30th, 2004

Stylin' Wayne


I auditioned for the school musicals today, but I didn't get a call back. Oh well, the dancing for the audition was fun, even if I hadn't danced like that in a looong time and was barely able to keep up.

We have a four day weekend coming up. What the hell? Oh, whatever. I guess that means I can get a head start on future homework! ....AHHAHAAHAHA. Procrastination is such a great way to enjoy life. I mean, you know you could [should] be working, but you're not. Instead you're just goofing off or sleeping or torturing people or eating babies. You know, something fun. But then, as you know, comes the overwhelming stress and the cramming, which, I suppose, also makes you feel alive.

AAaaaaaaand GIP. He is one hep cat.
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