August 25th, 2004

Rainy Rain


Sorry if I haven't been commenting lately. I get very distracted at the beginning of the school year.

[Laaate Happy Birthday to phreakychic!! I have to do a project for my photography class where I follow someone I find really interesting and take pictures of them in their daily life. If it were possible (in other words, if I didn't live on the other side of the country), you would totally be my first choice. I hope you have an excellent time in England!]

My classes are actually very interesting this year. My schedule for this semester is as follows:

1st - Introduction to Philosophy
2nd - Anthropology
3rd - Digital Photography
4th - Shakespeare
5th - Environmental Science
8th - Physics

I dropped Spanish 4, for many reasons, so now I have both 7th and 6th period off. Yesss, it's so much better this way. It's a huge relief that I don't have to deal with Spanish, and now the only course that I think might cause problems for me is Physics. Oh well, I'll get through somehow.

OH! And a very actually on time happy birthday to dustmite_!!

And, AAAAAHHHHHHH! For a late birthday present, Jean gave me the coolest notebook EVER.
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