August 2nd, 2004


I'm not lying yet.

My ass has been sore since yesterday and I don't know why.

I saw The nearly everyone else. It was alright, but a part of the plot was sooo similar to this story that I read when I was younger. That kind of spoiled it....I was like "This seems too familiar..."

Dentist tomorrow. And stuff and stuff. OH, and Erin and I are going to the Weird Al concert at Great America on Sunday! AND They Might Be Giants are coming to San Francisco in two weeks. Awesome.

turtleskickass77 (12:27:39 AM): vagina...?
Jhonenvrulz (12:27:45 AM): ...?
turtleskickass77 (12:27:58 AM): it looks like it
Jhonenvrulz (12:28:08 AM): Who does?
Jhonenvrulz (12:28:20 AM): I see no vagina!
turtleskickass77 (12:28:36 AM): wait..
turtleskickass77 (12:28:41 AM): that looks like a glowing penis
Jhonenvrulz (12:28:50 AM): I hate you
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