July 28th, 2004


I was losing my mind...

I was GOING to write something last night, but LiveJournal was being an ass.

I got my first DVDs from Netflix today! It's awesome. There's a Netflix building in San Jose, so they got here really fast.
Oh, and I passed my permit test yesterday!

My guitar lessons are going to be continued - at least until my singing teacher has her baby, I think. That's good, cause I'll get a lot of the very basics down. I miss singing, though. Well, I know it's much easier to do singing on your own than it is to learn guitar, but...well, it's nice to have a professional tell you what you're doing wrong and how to make it better in either case.

Oh! I got a new cordless phone for my room. That's good because, as opposed to my old phone, this new one is...unbroken.

Michael's baby turtle died. Bye bye, Squirt.

"Beware ye who passing by
As ye be now so once was I
As I be now so must ye be
Prepare for death and follow me"

- epitaph from the tombstone of one Geoffery Almpton

I know that's rather morbid, but I just really like it. I wrote it in my Algebra 2 textbook during school last year. Hah, so much love for math.
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