July 3rd, 2004

Colors and Light

Hooomeee. :D

Bean's new place is so awesome. A pool and hot tub, our very own patio (and we're still upstairs, so yay for that), two bathrooms, two bedrooms and of whole lot more space.

I baked a cake as a housewarming, celebratory kinda thang, and so we had cake and then sat around on the patio talking.

My mom and I have such frickin' similar tastes in men. I just discovered that she thinks David is attractive. She was arguing with Paul [her beau] about how she isn't just attracted to Hispanic men, though now he just thinks that she only likes Hispanic and/or British actors (it all stemmed from her pointing out that she can't wait to see Doc Ock, and since Alfred Molina is both British and Hispanic...yeah). That made me smile.

Fireworks and Spiderman tomorrow. And more swimming. Me happy.
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    Video Killed the Radio Star - Buggles (cause Erik's playing Vice City)