July 1st, 2004

Colors and Light

Lookie icon! It's Colin...gettin' his indie rock on.

Gyradoes (11:40:29 PM): you make me laugh
Gyradoes (11:40:31 PM): and now i hurt

Spiderman 2 rocked my face off. That's my movie review. "Rocks faces clean off."

Jean's back from Europe. Her mom drove us both to the movie. Jean lives very, very close to me. That son-of-a-monkey better come over, or I'll skin her babies and eat their fingers. Or something.

The DMV can suck my ass. I wonder how many people have said that? Quite a few, I would imagine. So now I have to go in on July 27th again to take my permit test, cause the people who talked to my grandpa on the phone misinformed him about something and screwed the whole thing up. Fuckers.

Other than that, yaaaaaayyyy Spiderman.
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Colors and Light

Weekend and Pictures

I can't wait for the weekend. I get to stay over at my mom's new place and we'll be seeing the fireworks over there. Also, Bean wants to see Spiderman, so we're going do that as well. Yay!

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