June 20th, 2004

Colors and Light


So my little brother and I went to see Harry Potter again last night. Yay.
PAUL GOT TAMALES FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!1111111!!!1!1! And then I stayed up really late watching a movie (more Davidy goodness) and talking to Michael, so my brain hurts.

I found out that my mom and her boyfriend (the aforementioned Paul, in case you didn't know) are moving. They found a condo to rent and it's really close to where they live now, but it's much, much bigger and cooler and awesomer and it has a pool. YAY. So the next time I stay with her, in two weeks, we should be in the new place. :D

We had a BBQ today back at my house. I taught my little brother how to tie a noose, and then he condemned a stuffed bunny to death and hung it. My uncle dug his old amplifier out of the garage for me and started jammin' on my guitar. He ended up breaking one of the strings and then he and his girlfriend left. I haven't talked to my dad yet today, but maybe he'll come down sometime this week.

It's gonna be a busy week.
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