June 8th, 2004

Ana Ng


I had a fairly pleasant weekend, despite being kinda sick for part of Sunday.
On Saturday I went to a festival with my friends and before I left, I kicked Jean in the leg and ran for it (but not before getting her to admit that David Thewlis is pretty).

I'm gonna see PoA on Wednesday for the 3rd time. THIS time, though, I'll be with friends, so that's nice.

Gyradoes (7:00:59 PM): and erin said youre only going to see Lupin
Jhonenvrulz (7:01:04 PM): No!
Jhonenvrulz (7:01:08 PM): I love the movie
Jhonenvrulz (7:01:29 PM): Lupin's pants are just a bonus
Gyradoes (7:01:51 PM): HAHAHAHA

I'm not going to explain that.

Augh, Cirrus is biting my face! Raawwwwwwrrrrr.
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I have officially been on LiveJournal for 1 year. Whoop!

Chunky chunky funky funky fuck you, buddy.

Love to you all.

Shout out to Michael for some creepy reason (??!?)
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