June 1st, 2004

Content Ninja

I'm getting anxious...Friday should be here...now!

LiveJournal Haiku, bitches!
My fuckin' name:Metatronis
My fuckin' haiku:this morning i didn't
give a shit it was over
aye that made me sad
Your goddamn username:

I forgot to say that I saw Day After Tomorrow on Saturday. Good flick.
Today, though, I saw Kill Bill Vol. 2, and that was very awesome.

I've been reading more, and that is good.

Also, Josh gave me a giant rubber duck for my birthday. Wheeee.

Oh yeah, and Michael's back! He got grounded for some stupid stuff that happened last week, but now he can go on the internet again!!! No more being fucking bored out of my skull during the evening. Yay.
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    Kill Bill ST in my head