March 7th, 2004

Spazzy bear-thing

i love u now

This morning I fell asleep watching a documentary on moose.
Man, this is going to be an interesting week, I'm sure.
Dad came over yesterday, and he showed me these old episodes of the Grand Ole Opry. That was cool.
I have this big oral report on homosexuality on Tuesday. I hope I don't lose it and start screaming at everyone.

I had tamales again. Two of them. They were lovely, but now they're gone. :(

Gyradoes: i know
Gyradoes: i'm trying
jhonenvrulz: Not you...
Gyradoes: and all it says is error. Bigdaddy8790838293456
jhonenvrulz: ??????
jhonenvrulz: And that's why he smokes??
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    Tell me WHY you LIED!!!!
Meaty death

R.I.P., Fuzzy Cheeks.

Well, another one of our chickens died. I'm not that upset (they're pretty old chickens), but my grandma is heartbroken. This chicken was her favorite, and she always loved her so much.

I had to go to my friend's house to work on a project, but I asked my grandpa if we could stop by the army surplus store that my dad told me about. They had some really cool stuff there. I remeber going to a surplus store a few years ago with my mom and little brother, and I had bought this cool medical bag and used it as a purse [of sorts]. Anyway, I lost it a while ago so I wanted to get a new one. I did. It's cool.

Monarch Madness coming up! Whooo! I more excited about the sleepover, but oh well.
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    The Tain - Decemberists (in my head, cause the only time I've heard it was at the show)