February 10th, 2004

Colors and Light

I do not have a sore throat, but my throat feels sore.

Stuff is much, much better today. I just had this really long conversation with my Grandpa today. And not like our usual conversations. Wait...no, it was like our usual conversations, but much longer. Really though, my Grandpa is one of the most open-minded and just human beings I've ever met. It's not an entirely unexpected thing, as he IS a lawyer.
Last night I managed to cut up the tip of my finger with nothing but an emery board. Good fuckin' job, Roxie.
I had almost no homework today. Ahahaa!!! AHAHAAA!!!
And I guess I'm going to the land of Nell [San Francisco] on Saturday with Josh and people and people. Whooo!!! And I have Friday off. Wheee!!
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