January 4th, 2004



I saw Big Fish!! It was lovely. My uncle Jimmy picked me up afterwards and we drove around in his cool new truck. We listening to Clouds Taste Metallic in its entirety and then went down to Tower [which is pretty far from my house, depending on which one I go to] and bought cool stuff. By the time we got home it was 5:30.

Bean, Jimmy and I are going to see a movie tommorow. My last day of vacation.

This is the worst damn cold I've ever had.
I should be in bed.

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    Headphones Theme From Seemingly Infinity - Steve Drozd


Though I am very grateful that we had finals BEFORE the break. I like not having that pressure on me in the first few weeks.

I saw Cold Mountain today. It was really cool. I was surprised. Jack looks good in sideburns.
Look, what I'm trying to say is: never trust an armadillo. You'll just get your heart broken/eaten in the end.
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    We listened to Yoshimi all the way home.